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Terra Law Practice Areas


Our award-winning attorneys are among the best and brightest in their areas of practice, providing you with the proven ability to achieve results in the most complex legal matters.

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Terra Law LLP represents individuals and businesses in real estate litigation actions, business litigation actions, real estate transactions, business transactions, intellectual property licensing, protection and litigation.


San Jose Lawyers for Corporate Organization and Governance

The corporate practice at Terra Law offers comprehensive client service across the spectrum of organizational needs from business entity selection and registration to the resolution of disputes within partnerships, trusts, corporations and limited liability companies.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, recent startups, established family businesses, real estate professionals, high-tech companies, and those involved in the purchase, sale or restructuring of business assets. We integrate our understanding of our clients’ practical business demands into our role as corporate counsel to make sure that our solutions fit their circumstances and objectives.

Integrated Client Service Across the Range of Corporate Law Issues

The combination of personal service and sophisticated experience we offer can help you find the right solution in situations such as the following:

  • Business entity selection, formation and registration
  • Advice and documentation for articles of incorporation, initial organizing minutes, bylaws, stock certificates, investment representation letters, and required government filings
  • Qualification to do business in other states
  • Preparation, review and amendment of shareholder or operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, employee or executive stock options, and other documentation that can affect future equity interests
  • Evaluation of potential corporate names, trademarks or service marks for general or local availability and conflicts
  • Cooperation with financial and accounting professionals regarding initial capitalization
  • Advice concerning shareholder and directors’ minutes, special meetings or elections in order to ensure statutory and regulatory compliance and avoid liability
  • Negotiation, documentation and due diligence as required in business purchase, sale or merger transactions, including advice as to structuring the transaction

Some clients depend on our attorneys for comprehensive corporate or partnership advice in the context of a continuing general counsel relationship. Other companies tap into our highly focused experience with corporate law issues on an as needed basis.


Responsive Service from Pre-Eminent Business Attorneys

At Terra Law LLP, we offer commercial clients in Northern California with a strategic partner for all of their business and commercial law needs. We have a proven record of achieving results on behalf of parties such as private lenders, banking institutions, small business owners, Fortune 500 companies and more.

Business Transactions

From the initial negotiation to the signing of the final documents, we can protect your rights at every stage of business transactions, including sales, mergers and acquisitions. No detail will be overlooked as we strive to maximize your profit and minimize your risk.

Business Litigation

Even the most prepared and thoughtful businesses will encounter the occasional dispute, which can expose them to the financial and legal risks of litigation. Our lawyers are skilled at all methods of dispute resolution, including the thorough preparation and execution of trial strategy.

Commercial Law

Our attorneys work with our clients to ensure that all financial agreements and supporting documentation are properly prepared and executed. We represent borrowers and lenders in all aspects of commercial law. Learn more.


Our extensive track record in business and corporate law makes us the perfect partner for creditors in bankruptcy. We focus on protecting their rights and efficiently resolving collections litigation to protect the bottom line.

Our intellectual property practice is fully integrated-in other words, we have the expertise to represent our clients throughout the full range of their intellectual property needs, from initial formation and licensing of their intellectual property to the enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights at the trial or appellate court level.


Intellectual Property Licensing and Protection

The intellectual property attorneys of Terra Law have the practical business experience, technical knowledge and sophisticated legal understanding that Silicon Valley and Bay Area software companies, high-tech entrepreneurs and businesses need to assure the profitability of their innovations.

With the experience of hundreds of complex IP transactions, we provide advice, negotiation support and contract documentation for such matters as:

  • Trademark registration and development
  • Direct response television product licensing
  • E-commerce agreements and terms of use
  • Technology licensing
  • Internet domain name registration and protection
  • Licensing of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and proprietary processes
  • Employee and independent contractor covenants concerning noncompetition, nonsolicitation, nondisclosure and other confidentiality considerations
  • Intellectual property portfolio development and management
  • Purchase and sale of intellectual property assets
  • Advice as to the validity, value, enforceability and marketability of particular assets ranging from copyrights to software patents

Intellectual Property Litigation

Our Intellectual Property litigation attorneys have extensive experience litigating intellectual property issues involving trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, domain names and licensing agreements.

Smaller or newer companies can find themselves intimidated when confronted by infringement claims brought by industry giants. However, our clients need never feel outmatched in litigation with a major corporation over intellectual property issues, as Terra Law’s attorneys are highly experienced litigators with keen insight into cutting edge technology and businesses.

We litigate intellectual property disputes such as:

  • Assertion or defense of infringement claims under patents, copyrights, trade secrets or trademarks
  • Enforcement of trade secrets and nondisclosure covenants under employment agreements, vendor contracts or third-party licenses
  • Enforcement of IP rights under business purchase or sale agreements
  • Breach of contract claims under assignment or license agreements
  • Internet domain name disputes
  • First-party insurance coverage claims under general liability or errors and omissions policies
  • Antitrust issues
  • Advertising claims
  • International IP infringement or contract claims

A Strategic Partner for Your Real Estate Needs

At Terra Law LLP in San Jose, we represent businesses and individuals throughout Northern California in cases involving commercial and residential real estate. Whether you are in the planning phases of a project, need assistance finalizing a transaction, or you are embroiled in a dispute, our award-winning attorneys can help you achieve your objectives and protect your rights.

Who We Represent

We handle all aspects of real estate law, represent parties such as lenders, brokers, commercial property owners, developers, title companies, residential property owners and buyers.

Real Estate Transactions

Our experienced attorneys provide solutions to the transactional issues facing our real estate clients, including the development of real estate, selling real estate, and purchasing real estate and obtaining financing. From negotiating terms to ensuring a smooth closing, we have the pedigree necessary to handle the most complex matters.

Real Estate Litigation

Even with the most thorough preparation and prudent planning, it is not always possible to avoid legal disputes surrounding high value real estate. If you find your rights or financial stability threatened by the specter of litigation, you can rely on the proven ability of our attorneys in dispute resolution and civil trial courts. Learn more about our real estate litigation practice.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

Your real estate matter is likely to involve one of the most substantial investments you or your business will ever undertake, and too much is at stake to move forward without proven legal representation. Contact us today to discuss your real estate needs with a knowledgeable lawyer.


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